I’m Barbara Murrell, and 5 Elements Global Ltd is the name of my business. It comprises, Painting and decorating, Sign-writing, Elemental Space Clearing®, Publishing (books and Journals) and website building.   At first glance there’s something of a leap there between painting and decorating, and publishing. I can’t deny that your average house painter probably doesn’t know a great deal about Space Clearing, any more than a book publisher automatically has the dexterity to apply flawless paint finishes and textures. But there IS a link, and a journey that led me to practice such seemingly disparate skills with equal passion, enthusiasm and dedication.

The first step: Painting and decorating                                                                                                                   After some years of unrewarding office-based work I took the plunge and retrained in a skill which had seen my seven-year-old self help my father plaster walls and decorate the family home. My City & Guilds in painting and decorating, which I’m proud to say comprised only of credits and distinctions, followed some work experience with a local decorating company, and I set up in business as Absolutely Perfect. This was 27 years ago, and I still love painting and decorating; it’s therapeutic, calming, and rewarding – especially when delighted clients become close friends.

The second step: Hand-painted signwriting About 10 years ago, I bought and moved onto a narrow boat in Hertfordshire. It should come as little surprise that with a love of decorating, my narrowboat would become a painting project in itself. And every narrowboat needs a hand-painted name. My reading on the subject led to studying, as it usually does, and I took an NVQ in sign making. My excellent colour sense and steady hand lent itself well to my new interest. Traditional signwriting takes more than one form though, and I spent some time in America with master signpainters and learned even more. Specialising in gold leaf application…..I love working with gold!

The third step: Elemental Space Clearing® America placed the third step in front of me: Elemental space clearing®. My interest in interior design had inevitably overlapped into the principles of Feng Shui, and from the physical into the more spiritual side of life. I attended the Hay House I can do it conference in Florida, where one of the metaphysical practitioners, Denise Linn, ran a workshop which touched me deeply. I attended her Elemental Space Clearing® course in Germany.. I discovered that without knowing it I had already been applying the principles of space clearing in the loving way I approach my painting and decorating. I became a certified Elemental Space Clearer, and the following year qualified to advanced level.

The fourth step: Publishing Spirituality has figured heavily in my consciousness for around 15 years, ever since reading Louise Hay’s You Can Heal Your Life. That book changed my approach to life entirely; I became infinitely more positive, and piqued an interest in spiritual healing. Extensive learning turned to in-depth training, and 11 years ago I did a foundation course in practical metaphysics. But after all that, a more centred approach to life was called for and I turned to Yoga. From that I met Swami Nityamuktananda Saraswati, world renowned teacher in Philosophy from many traditions and cultures. Especially the Five Elements……..Long story short, I began travelling with her and filmed her lectures to make them into DVD’s, from there she asked if I could publish her books. Two years, a publishing imprint and 11 books later, I think the answer is yes! As a side line I built her website and have now built quite a few for other people, including my own! It’s been quite a journey, and of course it’s not complete. It’s the fluid process of life. But more than ever I love each and every element of my working life: painting, signwriting, space clearing, publishing and website building    

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