“Home is where the heart is” …An Englishman’s home is his castle”, these expressions signify that our homes are our protection and the place that we can be our true selves.

Yet it’s possible you don’t feel that warm and positive glow inside that used to exist. Perhaps you’ve moved into a new house that has never quite felt like ‘home’ in the way you hoped it might. You might feel unsettled, stressed, dissatisfied, lethargic or negative for reasons you can’t quite place your finger on.

Sometimes these feelings are the symptoms of stagnant energy, or energy that doesn’t support you, your family, or your business. Elemental Space Clearing® is the answer.





Elemental Space Clearing® is the means of harmonising energy. It helps make a room or a home feel good; it’s all about creating Sacred Space. Space clearing has been practised in ancient India, Egypt, China, Japan, and in virtually every native culture around the world since the dawn of mankind. Why? Because it works. Energy is harmonised, uplifted, charged with positivity and well-being. You’d be surprised at the immediate change in atmosphere; and it’s not just true for believers – plenty of space clearing-sceptics have felt the benefits of an Elemental Space Clearing® ceremony.

You may even feel your home is haunted, whether by spirits or just an uncomfortable or oppressive atmosphere. As an advanced space clearer I handle my clients’ concerns with discretion, diplomacy and great care, and carry out a spiritual cleansing ceremony that brings a feeling of reassurance and comfort back into their day-to-day lives.







Elemental  Space Clearing® for Business

Of course energy isn’t specific to location, so just as a home might have negative energy which needs cleansing, the same can be true of an office or workspace.

Elemental Space Clearing® is used and trusted by successful business people the world over to invoke vibrant, successful, prosperous energy through ancient traditions derived both from Feng Shui space clearing and modern techniques using the power of essential oils.

Through space clearing, your business will take on a more positive atmosphere, making employees happier, visiting clients feel more welcome and relaxed, and should see more prosperous times ahead. Make sure your business has the energy to keep going!

I carry out space clearing ceremonies for homes and businesses throughout Sussex, Hampshire,  London and Kent. Following an initial consultation in which we discuss your feelings, needs and hopes about the space you’ve identified for clearing, I will intuitively devise a bespoke Elemental Space Clearing® ceremony. This will use essential oils specifically for your needs and wishes as well as other traditional tools, such as feathers, singing bowls, bells and drums. You can choose to be present or not at the subsequent space clearing ceremony, but many clients tell me they feel a stronger connection to this new and brighter energy when they are.


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