Divine Signs!

Traditional sign writing is an art form. Bespoke signs create a completely unique identity, and the fine craftsmanship of a hand painted sign speaks of quality, care and integrity.

My sign writing uses resilient, flexible oil-based sign enamel for longevity, and I source good quality hand-beaten gold leaf and loose-leaf gold leaf for sign gilding on glass and other non-porous surfaces. I work with a local joiner to produce bespoke wooden signs; some varnished, some painted and some with a hard wearing plastic finish (like in the photo here).

My traditional sign writing business is a natural extension of my residential and commercial painting and decorating, and allows me to add a finishing touch that makes the image of a home or business truly unique. Along with my NVQ in sign making, I’ve spent time in the USA studying an array of sign-painting techniques. My signwriting draws on traditions handed down through generations on both sides of the Atlantic to produce beautiful hand painted signage.

My first steps into the painstaking and delicate requirements of bespoke signs were inspired by the need to paint the lettering in traditional narrow boat style for my new water bound home some ten years ago. What more traditional signwriting could there be than boat signs? The dexterity and accuracy I’d developed over years of house painting lent itself well to handpainted signs and hand painting lettering, and soon I was creating hand painted house signs and small shop front signs for more and more decorating clients.

Now I specialise in small scale traditional signwriting for homes and those companies which want to convey the ultimate impression of longevity and trustworthiness with a high quality hand painted sign.

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